Carlos Santana Just Paid $20 Million For A Supernatural Hawaiian Estate

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Carlos Santana must really love the Hawaiian island of Kauai. At the moment he technically owns THREE homes on the island, which was used as the primary filming location for the 1996 movie "Jurassic Park." Carlos bought all three homes in the last two years. The most-recent purchase is a slightly-less-than-one-acre property in town of Princeville on Kauai's North Shore that can only be described as… supernatural.

The purchase price? $20.5 million.

Carlos has been a fan of Hawaiian real estate for at least 20 years, probably longer. Based on real estate records, he appears to have bought his first major Hawaiian property in September 1999. That's exactly three months after he released the comeback album "Supernatural" which went on to sell 30 MILLION COPIES and then won EIGHT Grammys.

In 1999 Carlos paid $365,000 for an undeveloped half-acre plot of land steps from the Ritz Carlton, Kapalua. As those "Supernatural" royalties flooded his mailbox, Carlos proceeded to build the following 5-bedroom 7,200 square-foot mansion:

In 2012 he listed the above home for $7.5 million. That price ultimately proved to be very optimistic and Carlos accepted $4.9 million two years later.

In 2013 Carlos decamped from Hawaii to Las Vegas where he paid $6 million for a multi-structure property down the street from a $3 million home he already owned. It was the highest price-per-square-foot in Las Vegas that year and at the time the 5th most-expensive home purchase in Vegas history.

The move to Las Vegas made sense because in February 2012 Carlos announced the launch of what would prove to be a very lucrative residency at the House of Blues Mandalay Bay. A residency that I believe is ongoing, after a pause for COVID.

Apparently the siren call of Hawaii remained in Carlos' ear because in May 2019 he plunked down $2.7 million home, this time on the island of Kauai.

One year later he paid $8 million for a second Kauai home.

Fast forward to the present and Carlos has been revealed as the buyer of yet another Kauai mansion. The purchase price this time around?

$20.5 million

Located on just under an acre, this 8,000 square-foot home was built from scratch by the sellers in 2006.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the sellers bought the lot for $1.6 million in 2004 then spent $18 million constructing this dream home:

So that means as of this writing, technically Carlos is carrying THREE Kauai mortgages for roughly $32 million worth of real estate.

And that that may soon drop to two mortgages. The WSJ also reports that Carlos is planning to list his $8 million mansion – purchased last April – for $13 million. Not a bad profit for 14 months of work.

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