Anne Hathaway's House: $4 Million is Too Much to Spend on a Walk-In Closet

By on September 7, 2013 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

Anne Hathaway got a lot of hate thrown her way recently.  Blame it on overexposure.  Blame it on the fact that she's beautiful and intelligent.  Blame it on her disastrous Oscar hosting job from a few years ago.  Blame it on the fact that she's just so darn… twee.  Whatever the reason, there was a good three or four month period where everyone was just kicking her around like a super cute human punching bag.  The backlash sort of came out of nowhere, but may have stemmed from her less than stellar turn in the film "One Day", which was based on a much beloved book by David Nicholls.  She then took on the iconic role of Catwoman/Selina Kyle in "The Dark Knight Rises", and though she fared better critically, fans of Batman were generally less than jazzed about her.  However, all seemed to be forgiven when she turned in a gut-wrenching no-holds barred performance as Fantine in the film adaptation of the musical, "Les Miserables".  Her performance won her just about every award it could, including the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, and suddenly, everyone was Anne's friend again.  Such is the fickle hand of fame in Hollywood.  Through all of her success, Anne Hathaway has always seemed mildly uncomfortable with her stardom.  Recently, she manifested that discomfort by putting one of her New York City apartment's back on the market, because it was reportedly "too big" and made her feel "too visible".

Anne Hathaway's house is in the Clocktower Building in the neighborhood of DUMBO. (That's Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, for you non-New Yorkers).  The apartment complex overlooking Manhattan has a number of high-profile residents, and she actually has two units in the building.  She shares one unit with her husband.  The other unit, the one for sale, is basically a place to store extra clothes, believe or not.  Anne Hathaway's house, or really big walk-in closet, is 2,592 square feet, and has three bedrooms.  She purchased the unit for $4.1 million less than a year ago, but has now decided that was an overzealous move on her part.  Anne Hathaway's house also features hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, three and a half bathrooms, an office, and a large open-plan living room/kitchen area.  She has listed the unit for $4.5 million.  I guess that extra $400,000 is based on "former star owner" inflation.

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