Anderson Cooper's Home: Historic New York City Firehouse

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Anderson Cooper is truly on a different breed of reporter and journalist with his massive success and fame to prove it. A big part of his work was going was broadcasting live and on location for breaking news. This included huge events such as the aftermath of the tsunami in Sri Lanka and Hurricane Katrina, to, revolutions, royal weddings and historic funerals. So it now looks like this super-reporter is putting the finishing touches on his super-reporter headquarters: a historic firehouse in New York City.. Just like the Ghostbusters!!

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Built in 1906 and found in Greenwich Village, Anderson Cooper paid $4.3 million in January 2010 and has been renovating since. The firehouse is four floors high or turn-of-the-century brick and covers 8,240 square feet. The exterior originally was painted completely with dark red paint, but has been stripped down. Now you can see original stone and brick and terra cotta details. After the upper floors, he has the ground level stripped down as well. With the 100 year old paint job gone, the classic brick building looks brand new.

Interior shots are not available at the moment, but the building was filled with brass fire poles, spiral staircases and huge overhead wood beams. Cooper wants to keep many of the classic details and even add to them. The home gym he is building is going to be styled after the original early 1900s fireman's gym, with climbing ropes and bar weights with the big balls at the ends.

Reports say he's installed an elevator. I hope he kept at least one fire pole, for when a breaking story hits and he has to be out the front door asap. On that note, he's also redone the front door in black. But he has kept a warning message on the front, saying "No Parking – Active Driveway". So we'll just have to wait and see what his version of the Ghostbusters "Ecto-1" car looks like, as it rips out the front door to chase an exclusive story!

We will update this post when pictures of the interior are released, until then, check out our full list of Celebrity Homes.

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