Amy Winehouse's House: Her Family Auctions Off the Macabre Tourist Attraction

By on December 10, 2012 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

In the music world, it is distressingly common for artists to die young.  There is a strange trend towards flaring up, and then flaring out.  In some ways, it causes the musician's legend to live on for far longer than if they'd led a full life.  They are looked at with positive nostalgia, frozen in the public's memory at the height of their popularity.  Such is the case with Amy Winehouse.  The British soul-singer released a successful album in 2003, which put her on the map in the UK.  Her 2006 release, "Back to Black", made her an international star, and netted her five Grammy Awards in 2008, making her the first female British artist to win that many Grammy Awards at once.  However, after her album, and her career, blew up, her personal life began to spiral down.  After kicking a nasty drug habit that had landed her in the hospital on more than on occasion, she began drinking heavily instead.  She gained a reputation for showing up late to concert performances, forgetting the lyrics to her songs, the names of her band members, and even what country or city she was in.  Her record label began canceling performance dates, and her family intervened.  Rehab proved unsuccessful, and she died of alcohol intoxication in July 2011.  Since then, her family has released a posthumous album of unreleased recordings, and launched a charity in her name to raise support and awareness of organizations that work with young adults dealing with addiction.  They also put her townhouse, which had become a rather macabre tourist attraction, on sale.  After there were no takers, the auctioned it off late last week.

Amy Winehouse's house is 2,500 square feet and four stories tall.  The house contains three bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a large eat-in kitchen, a dressing room, a home gym, and a recording studio with sound-proofing.  Amy Winehouse's house also features a large backyard, and a cobbled and landscaped frontyard.  Though her family showed the home multiple times over the last year, most of the people who came to see it were fans, not potential homeowners.  The auction of Amy Winehouse's house attracted only five buyers.  Nothing was mentioned about the fact that the singer had passed away in the home.  It sold for just under 2 million pounds, approximately $3.2 million.  Her family seems relieved that her house is no longer their responsibility.  Their memories of her are probably far more complicated than the public's.

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