Alex Rodriguez's Home: A $3 Million Profit is a Good Play

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All eyes may be focused on the end of the football season and the potential winners and losers come February, but there are still some non-football stars making waves.  Alex Rodriquez, more commonly referred to as "A-Rod", has been in and out of the news for years.  The very successful, and very well paid, New York Yankees third baseman, ran into some marital problems when it was revealed that he had been carrying on numerous affairs.  After his divorce finalized, he quickly became as famous for his ability to snag some quality time with multiple A-list Hollywood stars, as he was for his ability on the baseball field.  He has dated more than a handful of beautiful women, including Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, and WWE star Torrie Wilson.  In addition to dating beautiful women, he has a penchant for purchasing beautiful properties.  Most recently, he purchased a massive New York City condo to the tune of $5.5 million dollars.  It was essentially a present for his then-girlfriend, Cameron Diaz.  However, the relationship ended, and so did his apparent interest in the palatial New York City property.

3, 500 square feet of space in New York City is incredibly hard to come by, so having an apartment of that size always means big bucks.  Nestled on the 35th floor of the super swanky Rushmore Building on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, A-Rod's former apartment, houses four bedrooms, a library, a gigantic open-plan kitchen-breakfast-dining-living area, five bathrooms, an art gallery, and a private vestibule.  He bought the condo in February of 2010, and listed it for sale just nine months later.  Though it seems odd to sell it so quickly, he managed to up the selling price to $8 million, thereby turning a nice profit.  Maybe the fact that he was the former owner makes the apartment more desirable.  Whatever the reason, apparently it is not just baseball and dating at which A-Rod excels.

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