Actor Kevin James Puts Huge Florida Estate On Sale For $28.85 Million

By on March 9, 2016 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

When you think of Kevin James, you may not think he is the kind of actor that has been successful enough to afford a 26,000 square foot mansion, but he did make 207 episodes of his television show. Television stars do not get the insane salaries that movie actors do, but when your show takes off (like his did) and stays on television long enough to do 207 shows, you are going to make a pretty penny. His movies have not been well received by the critics, but they have been popular where it counts – with audiences. So chances are, he was well paid for them.

He must have been, in order to afford paying $18.5 million for this beauty, back in 2012.

Houses like this prove that an actor's work does not need critical acclaim at all in order to make some serious money. He/She just needs to make something people enjoy, which Kevin James certainly has done.

When you do, you can afford to live in a place like this with 26,000 square feet. The kids have to be pretty thankful the house is so big. If Mom or Dad wants to punish them, there are plenty of places to hide. Should they ever be grounded, it will not be hard to sneak out and claim they were in another part of the house, if Mom and Dad should look for them.

Kevin James doesn't look like he has missed too many meals in recent years, and with a kitchen like this, it is not hard to see why.

However, when you have this kind of set up outside, why would you ever cook inside?

I'm not entirely sure, but I think the half eggshell looking thing in the center of the picture may be a bathtub. Either that, or an extremely large sink or an oddly shaped urinal.

Sometimes, large houses like this use the space for a library, formal and informal dinning and living rooms, and a game room (among other things), but then only have a few bedrooms and bathrooms. That is certainly not the case with this house with its nine bedrooms, nine full bathrooms, and three half bathrooms.

A bedroom like this is definitely suitable for a king (of queens, pop tarts, or anything else).

Like every good insanely huge mansion, this one comes with a walk in closet that is big enough to double as a child's bedroom if need be. Perks of being filthy rich, right?

If the new owner likes to work out and keep an eye on the children at the same time this gym looks equipped to allow for just that.

Then again, with a room like this, the kids may never want to leave it. Be honest – if you were six years old or younger and had this kind of setup would you ever leave it?

As much as kids would never want to leave the castle and zebra, Dad will never want to watch the game anywhere other than on the flat screen outside while making a few s'mores.

As big as the house is, you would think they would have made the pool bigger. You may not ever hold a swim meet in it, but it is a great place to throw a pool party!

If you like the house and happen to have $28 million lying around, before you buy it you need to know one thing: the tax bill on this place comes in at a hefty $450,000 a year, but if you have $28 million a $450K tax bill is probably nothing to you.

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