This $50 Million Villa In Mallorca Is Exactly Why I Want To Be Extremely Rich Someday.

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I have to admit that there are times when I don't even know why I want to be extremely rich someday. I live a very comfortable life right now, exactly as is. I live in a nice little apartment in Los Angeles where the coldest day of the year is maybe 62 degrees. I drive a perfectly nice Acura that I own outright. I regularly spend $17 on lunch for one person, and never feel an ounce of guilt. And I love my job. So you can understand how sometimes I find myself thinking: Aren't things pretty great exactly how they are? Why do I still feel the urge to become obscenely someday? Then I see a house like this, and say: "Oh ya. This is why…"

Earlier this week, the luxury real estate firm Engel & Volkers listed this absolutely stunning villa located in Mallorca, Spain. Mallorca, which is pronounced "My-or-ka", is an exotic little island located in the Mediterranean Sea roughly 160 miles east of the Spanish city of Valencia. The slightly smaller island of Ibiza is roughly in between Mallorca and Valencia. Mallorca's history dates back literally thousands of years. Today it is a playground for the super-wealthy. Some celebrities who have recently owned houses on the island include Raphael Nadal, Michael Douglas, Claudia Schiffer Pierce Brosnan. Raphael Nadal was actually born and raised on the island in a small city called Manacor.

Many many more celebrities and generally wealthy people have spent vacations on this Mediterranean paradise. And one of the most sought after places to stay while vacation on Mallorca is a property that is locally known as Castilla Mallorca. When Princess Di was young, she spent her summer vacations here. Later on, Diana and Charles spent a summer here with Spanish Queen Sofia. The house left such an impression on Madonna after a vacation, that she is now reportedly doing whatever it takes to acquire the property. The current asking price is $51 million dollars.

As you can tell by the photos below, the 15,000 square foot house is stunning. The property itself encompass 64,000 square feet of pristine paradise. $51 million includes several guest houses, an amazing infinity pool, a sauna, gym, billiards room and piano lounge/bar. Enough words, let these photos do the talking:


Engel & Volkers


Engel & Volkers


Engel & Volkers


Engel & Volkers


Engel & Volkers

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