$195 Million Beverly Hills Palace Is Now The Most Expensive Home In The United States

By on November 13, 2014 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

Are you looking to upgrade your current living situation? Maybe you're like me and you're sick of living in an apartment with downstairs neighbors who gets into screaming matches every night at what seems like 4 am. I'm also sick of not having my own washer/dryer (which leaves me constantly foraging for quarters) or air conditioning (which was especially brutal during this recent summer). Personally, I am dying to make the jump from an apartment to a home. But it's just so hard to find the right home where I will lay my head. If that scenario strikes a chord with you, maybe we can pool our money to come up with the down payment for this absolutely mind-boggling palace that just went up for sale in Beverly Hills…

"Palace" is a strong word, but if there was ever a house that earned that adjective, it is this gorgeous mansion. The estate is even called "Palazzo di Amore", which is Italian for "The Niño". Oh wait, wrong translation. It's Italian for "Palace of Love". That's a very appropriate name. If you own this estate, you will be inundated with people looking to love you. Whether you want to love them back, is your call. Maybe you can love them for one night and then release the hounds in the morning, like Mr. Burns. And speaking of Mr. Burns, even he would have to tip his hat to this property's unbelievable luxury.

The Palazzo is being put on the market by rags-to-riches real estate mogul Jeff Greene. Greene worked as a busboy at a hotel in Palm Beach to help pay his way through college and then business school. He began investing slowly, always keeping in mind his mother's motto "save your pennies, look for value, and never pay retail". Today Jeff owns a real estate empire made up approximately 1150 units in Palm Beach Florida and 3500+ apartments in Los Angeles. This former busboy has a net worth of $3 billion.

So how much will it cost to buy Mr. Greene's humble Beverly Hills abode? As you may have guessed from the title of this article, the Palazzo di Amore is currently listed for $195 million. If it ends up selling for asking price, this will officially become the most expensive home in the United States.

Here are some of the estate's features: An entertainment complex that has a ballroom for 250 people. The entire house can comfortably hold a party for 1000 guests. A vineyard. Parking for up to 150 cars, of which 27 can be kept in a covered garage. A private movie theater that can fit 50 people. A bowling alley. Game room. Wine cellar/tasting room that holds up to 3000 bottles. Tennis court. Private spa. 12 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms. The master bedroom is 5000 square feet (which is much much larger than the house I grew up in).

Now, before you scoff at that price, take a look at the photos. This house is incredible. And let me know if you want to split the $40 million that would be needed for a 20% down payment. Our monthly payment would only be $716,000! Totally worth it!!! Our annual property taxes would be around $2 million. Chump change! Assuming the listing agent gets a 3% commission, that's $6 million.

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