Sunken, Not Stirred: Video Shows James Bond Themed Superyacht "007" Sinking Off The Coast Of Greek Beach After GPS Malfunction

By on September 7, 2022 in ArticlesCelebrity Cars

Sunken, not stirred. Float another day. Lifeboats are forever. You only sink once. Rockraker. Sink and let swim. The man with the sinking boat. No Mr. Boat, I expect you to float!

In case my puns were not enough of a giveaway, a James Bond-themed superyacht called "007" hit a bit of a rough patch  in waters off the coast of a Greek beach. The 160-foot superyacht, which is reportedly owned by a yet-to-be-named Swiss businessman, apparently had a GPS malfunction. The GPS malfunction caused the vessel to navigate to within just 50 feet of the shore where it hit rocks and started taking on water before capsizing then sinking.

Greek coastguard answered the distress call and subsequently rescued five passengers who were stranded just off the beaches of Kolona Bay on the island of Kythnos. At the time of the rescue the boat was already capsized. Within just a few hours it was fully submerged.

A drone captured the insane scene from above:

The red barrier you see around the yacht in the video above is an anti-pollution barrier laid out by the coast guard in case any of the ship's fuel begins to leak. Thankfully, the boat's fuel tank did not puncture at any point and there was apparently no damage to the local coastline.

Before sinking, 007 was a five-cabin vessel that could comfortably sleep up to 11 passengers and a light crew. As you can see in the video above, the boat also features a helipad.

Here's what she looked like in better times, back in June 2020:

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