Forget Private Jets And Fancy Yachts: Buy This $83 Million Skyacht!

By on January 14, 2016 in ArticlesCelebrity Cars

Those of us in the middle and lower income brackets may not realize it, but filthy rich people have problems, too. They may not have to wonder about which bills they have to pay first or how they are going to afford groceries for the month, but when it comes to whether one should buy a private yacht or a private jet – well, that can be a downright perplexing question.

On one hand, nothing says luxury quite like a private yacht, but on the other hand a private jet will get you from point A to point B a whole lot faster. Of course, if you are rich enough, you can just get both, but what if you aren't? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

However, if you really have trouble deciding for an additional $30 million over the cost of an Embraer 1000E ($53 million) you can get a private jet that looks like a yacht: the Skyacht One!

They take a private jet with 10,000 cubic feet of cabin space, give the exterior a paint job to make it look like a ship's hull, and then decorate the interior with inspiration from a custom yacht that was built in 1939.

The plane is ready for business to be conducted in the lap of luxury with more than enough space for people to move around or just lounge about.

Mahogany and brass accent the interior giving it that 'yacht-like' feel. Vintage leather window shades can cover the 'portholes' and block out the sun should you feel like taking a nap after closing the deal.

The master bedroom may not be big as big as the master cabin on a yacht, but it definitely has the feel and look of something that belongs on the high seas.

The bathroom is definitely larger than any other one you'll find flying the friendly skies. To continue with the nautical theme, the temperature controls for the faucet are shaped like a ship's throttles.

It would be really impressive if it could also act as a yacht, but modern technology hasn't advance that far yet.

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