Simon Cowell's Car

By on June 18, 2012 in ArticlesCelebrity Cars

Simon Cowell, in addition to his fame as a reality TV judge and all around television and music mogul, also has quite an impressive collection of automobiles. The latest vehicle to earn the coveted title of "Simon Cowell's car" is his new Ford Model B, which he's been photographed cruising the streets of Los Angeles in.

As you can see from the photo, this isn't a typical "sweet ride" for the celebrity automotive buff. In fact, it looks like something out of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride or something. There's a good reason for that – this model car is from 1932, which makes it pretty much ancient history as far as cars are concerned. Still, it looks pretty good, right?

We don't know how much Cowell paid for this ride, but the 1932 Ford Model B is a highly popular model for hot rod enthusiasts nowadays, with many collectors paying thousands of dollars to restore their Model B's to their original 1930s specifications. And since this is none other than Simon Cowell we're talking about, you can bet that he didn't skimp in the monetary department when it came to this car.

The 1932 Ford Model B first became popular among hot rod enthusiasts in the 1940s. This was at least partially due to its readily available quantities back then – hot rodders could just strip the car of excess weight and soup up the engine to meet their specifications. It's this tradition that continues into the present day, with wealthy automobile fans like Simon Cowell driving them around Los Angeles and God knows where else!

We also don't know how much if any of the restoration work on this car was actually done by Cowell himself. Maybe he likes to tinker with old cars in his spare time, but I suspect that he's more of a "drive them around town after the work is finished" kind of guy. He seems pretty busy, after all.

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