Scott Disick's Car: He So Didn't Pay for That…

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Scott Disick sort of snuck up on the American public out of nowhere.  The Long Island, New York native began dating Kourtney Kardashian in 2006, and suddenly, he was everywhere.  Their on-again, off-again relationship has meant ratings gold for the various reality shows on which the Kardashian brood has starred over the past eight or nine years, and the exposure to the public has not hurt his business either.  The manager of multiple product lines for GNC, including Rejuvacare and QuickTrim, Scott Disick has basically built his entire career on appearances.  When not working for GNC, or appearing on whatever reality program happens to be airing, the thirty year old, also works as a model.  He is the father of two children with Kourtney Kardashian, and is currently under scrutiny for yet another potential cheating scandal with someone or other.  Like many reality stars, he rarely buys anything himself.  Instead, everything he "owns" is actually a gift (sometimes, a loan), from a company or brand who wants it seen by as many people as possible.  This is apparently the case with his most recent vehicle, a Lamborghini Murcielago.

The Lamborghini Murcielago was produced by Lamborghini for nine years, from 2001 to 2010, and was the first car released by Lamborghini after being purchased by Audi.  The two-door sports car is powered by a 6.2 liter V12 engine, and can go 0-60 in 3.8 seconds.  Its most recognizable feature is its "scissor" doors.  Two generations of the Murcielago were produced.  The second generation features a roomier interior, a slightly redesigned exterior, ceramic composite brakes, and improved fuel economy.  Though even the improved fuel economy still left it as the least efficient car for city and highway driving of any other in its class.  Production ceased on the vehicles in 2009, as the Aventador went into full production, though a few limited edition versions have been manufactured since then.  The car sells for around $350,000.  In the case of Scott Disick's Murcielago, though he drives it like he owns it, the exact same car with the exact same license plate, is listed for sale by a local dealer.  So, maybe it's just on loan, reality star style…

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