Patrick Dempsey's Car: McDreamy's Mazda Is Almost as Famous as He Is

By on October 16, 2012 in ArticlesCelebrity Cars

Patrick Dempsey rose to fame in the 80s with roles in films like "Can't Buy Me Love", "In the Mood", and "Happy Together".  Then his career slowed down considerably, most likely because he made the head-scratching decision to marry his acting coach, who was also the mother of his best friend.  The early 2000s began a career resurgence, with roles in such projects as the film, "Sweet Home Alabama", and the television shows, "Will and Grace", "Once & Again", and "The Practice".  In 2005, he was cast in the role that would make him a household name again, as Dr. Derek Shepherd on "Grey's Anatomy".  When the actor dubbed, "McDreamy", isn't working on his hit show, or shooting one of the many movie roles that have come his way over the last five or six years, he races cars with his own team, Dempsey Racing.  His racecar of choice is a Mazda RX-8.


The Mazda RX-8 went into production in 2003, and production ceased in 2012.  It was originally manufactured as a four-door vehicle, but the excellent suspension and handling made it popular with racing enthusiasts, and it went through a series of redesigns.  The most recent versions of the RX-8 are two-door vehicles, but they can still comfortably accommodate four people.  The car also features a trapezoidal strut tower bar to increase rigidity in the body, and a 4.777 gearing ratio which makes for excellent off-the-line performance.  The RX-8 weighs around 1300 pounds and features a 1.3 liter RENESIS NA engine.  Dempsey Racing has actually been quite successful over the last few years, and has made Patrick Dempsey, the racer, almost as popular as Patrick Dempsey, the actor.

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