Mike Tyson's 1995 Ferrari F50 Is Going Up For Auction

By on March 2, 2017 in ArticlesCelebrity Cars

If, for some reason, you've always wanted to own a car that Mike Tyson used to drive, next month you will have a rare opportunity to do so. That's because Mike Tyson's very rare 1995 Ferrari F50 – one of just 349 ever produced – is going up for auction in March.

Tyson is an internationally famous celebrity, so he makes a good hook for any car auction, but in truth the 1995 Ferrari F50 is a hot ticket item all on its own. Even just as a driving machine, it's not hard to see why Tyson paid full price for the car back in the 90s, according to its Sotheby's auction listing:

"This fanatical attention to detail in adding performance and reducing weight paid massive dividends in terms of performance. Capable of rocketing to 60 mph from a standstill in just 3.6 seconds, the F50 could accelerate onwards toward a top speed of 202 mph if the driver was brave enough to keep accelerating. Even more incredible was the car's time for a standing mile – just 30.3 seconds."

The listing goes on to say that Tyson held onto the car for "several years," and put a respectable 4,900 miles on the odometer. After that, it changed hands a few more times, going through multiple upgrades along the way, but the car has nevertheless not been pushed to its limits performance-wise, and according to Sotheby's it's "never been driven hard" at all. And whether whoever the car's next owner ends up being chooses to push it to those limits or not, they will certainly be getting their money's worth:

"It is accompanied by a partial service history, as well as the two sets of tools in the front deck, owner's manuals and warranty booklet in their leather folio, wheel socket, car cover in bag, both the removable hardtop and emergency soft top with bag (in fine condition), utility light, its window sticker, and the "circus trunk" containing roll bars and a carbon rear tonneau cover."

Given all that, it's not too surprising that the estimated winning bid for the car has been set by Sotheby's at between $2.2 and $2.4 million. The auction commences on March 11th, so you have a little while to go through those couch cushions.

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