Lil Wayne's Car: The First Rapper To Own A Bugatti Veyron

By on May 10, 2012 in ArticlesCelebrity Cars

Lil Wayne is famous, like a lot of rappers, for his extravagant lifestyle. This often includes dropping a ton of money on a car – sometimes more for the status of it than for the car itself. That probably played a part in Lil Wayne's decision in 2010 to purchase a Bugatti Veyron for more than $1 million. But it wasn't just the cost that attracted Weezy to the car – he claims that as he purchased it the people at the dealership referred to him as "the Barack Obama of Bugattis," meaning that he was the first black rapper to purchase the vehicle.

So what makes a car with more than a million dollars? The brand is a big part of it, obviously, but the Bugatti Veyron has the performance to back it up.  The Bugatti Veyron has been called "the greatest car ever made and the greatest car we will ever see in our lifetime" by Jeremy Clarkson, best known as one of the hosts of the popular BBC series Top Gear. It was also crowned the "Car of the Decade" by that same program at the end of 2010 (it's not known whether or not Lil Wayne knew about this when he purchased the car!). Also of note: With a top speed of a little over 253 miles per hour, the Bugatti Veyron is currently the fastest production car in the world. It's even been the subject of a book published in 2011 entitled Bugatti Veyron: A Quest for Perfection – The Story of the Greatest Car in the World.


So clearly, Lil Wayne isn't alone in thinking that Bugatti Veyron is a worthwhile vehicle. The rapper is known for collecting cars (among other symbols of extravagant wealth), so perhaps the only question here is why it took him so long to buy one!

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