Kristin Davis' Car: She's Not Just Fashion Conscious

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It is amazing how some actors and actresses can fly under the radar for years, working steadily, but never quite breaking out.  Daniel Craig, who is currently starring in what is quickly becoming the highest grossing "Bond" film of all time, is one such example.  Kristin Davis is another example.  The actress had been working for years, appearing in recurring roles on various television shows, such as "General Hospital", "Mann & Machine", "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman", "ER", "Melrose Place", and "Seinfeld", as well as playing starring or supporting roles in an appreciable number of television movies and films, including, "Nine Months", "Alien Nation: Body and Soul", "Traveling Companion", "Sour Grapes", and "Body and Soul".  It only took one role in 1998 to turn her into a household name, however.  She was cast as Charlotte York, on what would become the massively popular series, "Sex and the City".  In addition to her six years on the show, she also went on to appear in a wide range of film projects, and added an almost ridiculous number of television film roles to her resume.  Of late, she has been focused primarily on raising her daughter, and environmental causes, especially her work with orphaned elephants.  In light of her environmentally-conscious activities, it seems only natural that she would drive an environmentally friendly vehicle.

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Kristin Davis' car is a BMW Hydrogen 7.  The Hydrogen 7 is based on the same design used in BMW's 760Li.  The car is special because it is the only one of the hydrogen vehicles currently available that is powered by an internal combustion engine.  The car runs on a specially modified 6 liter V-12 engine, which can also use gasoline if necessary.  BMW only produced 100 of the vehicles, and leased them to high-profile figures around the world.  Wide-scale production of the vehicle seems unlikely, however, since producing them is massively expensive, and unless hydrogen is produced through wind or solar power, it actually requires a great deal of energy to make.  The fuel tank holds 8 kg of hydrogen, which can power the vehicle for 125 miles, and the gas tank can guarantee another 300 miles.  It weighs 5,100 pounds and can go 0-60 in 9.5 seconds.

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