Justin Bieber's Car: He's Having a Crappy Year, But At Least He's Got a Cool Car

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The public can be very fickle, and Justin Bieber seems to be suffering from a bit of fickle public-ness.  For the last three or four years, he has been the darling of the music industry.  Everything he has released has become a massive success.  His world tours sell out years in advance.  He's headlines news almost everyday.  He has made lots and lots of executives, writers, agents, press, and paparazzi, very, very wealthy.  That's kind of amazing for a 19-year old from Canada who was discovered via YouTube.  However, in the music world, traditionally, the more meteoric the rise, the more rapid the descent into obscurity can be.  Of late, Mr. Bieber's image has become somewhat tarnished, and his veneer of "ultra-cool", yet "super friendly", has begun to wear thin.  First came his break-up with Disney darling and fellow recording artist, Selena Gomez.  Then there is the question of whether he has become a pothead.  Then he was booed while performing in London at the O2 for showing up late and half-dressed.  Then he decided to post a Twitter rant in which he went on about God being the only person who can judge him, in the way only a 19-year old superstar can.  None of it is doing him any favors with his millions of young fans who are also getting older, and, consequently, slightly more discerning.  Even though his fan base may be starting to sour a bit, he is still the go-to guy for corporations who want some publicity.  If Justin Bieber uses a product, or is seen wearing a particular shirt, there is an almost instant sales spike.  The same can be said for the multiple cars he now owns.  One of his more prized vehicles is his Ferrari 458.

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The Ferrari 458 launched in 2009.  The car combines elements of the F430 and Ferrari's Formula 1 cars.  The vehicle runs on a 4.5 L V8 engine that produces 562 hp.  The engine also comes with direct fuel injection, and is the first road vehicle with a mid-engine setup that Ferrari has produced with direct fuel injection.  It has a 7-speed dual clutch transmission and can go from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds.  It has a top speed of 202 miles per hour.  While the car has received high marks for styling and performance, it has also been recalled twice.  The first recall was due to the wheels catching on fire on ten different vehicles.  The second recall occurred in 2012, when people began reporting that the engine was seizing up.  Maybe a drive around in his $250,000 Ferrari will cheer him up.  As long as the car doesn't seize or burst into flames, that is.

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