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Adult film star Jenna Jameson's car is the source of some legal trouble now, unfortunately for her. It's a Maserati Quattroporte S which she got back in 2010. More specifically, she's facing a lawsuit from Maserati Financial Services which alleges that she signed a lease for her vehicle in 2010 and agreed to pay $2,299 a month for it. There's one problem – according to the lawsuit she stopped paying in January.

So now, Maserati Financial Services is suing to get Jenna Jameson's car back – not only the car, but an additional $107,000 in damages. Incidentally, that sum is practically enough for her to buy another Maserati, since the Quattroporte S goes for around $120,000. So basically, Jameson is in serious trouble if she doesn't have a legal leg to stand on over the course of this case.

Jenna Jameson
Jenna Jameson/ Ethan Miller/Getty Images

As for Jameson, she hasn't made any kind of public response to the lawsuit, so it isn't known exactly how she plans to respond to the charges of not making the payments on her lease. Maserati Financial Services says that they've been trying to repossess the vehicle, but haven't succeeded in snatching it – which is why they're now resorting to filing a lawsuit.

It's all very bad news for Jenna Jameson, especially when you consider that Jameson hasn't had much in the way or projects lately. Her most recent mainstream project was entering talks with film producers over a possible adaptation of her successful autobiography How to Make Love Like a @#$! Star: A Cautionary Tale, but even that was reported to be back in 2007. This news about missing payments on her car is unfortunately most likely an indication of her financial state, which is probably not particularly solid despite her history of merchandising her name and likeness over the course of her career.

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