Hayden Christensen's Car

By on June 13, 2012 in ArticlesCelebrity Cars

Check out Hayden Christensen's car: The actor was recently photographed in Los Angeles with his Audi R8. He even parked it in the street like an every day Joe instead of Anakin Skywalker – what a guy. Although maybe he has little reason to act like a big-shot since the peak of his Hollywood stardom appears to be behind him. You never can tell, though.

Not that the Audi R8 is a slouch in the automotive department. With a base price of over $100,000, it's a true sports car, which comes in both street legal and racing models. It utilizes Audi's patented quattro permanent all-wheel drive system, and is one of the sleekest, coolest sports cars on the road today. It's a car that any movie star would be proud to own, not just Hayden Christensen!

As for Christensen – fancy sports car aside, his career has stalled a bit in recent years. But he appears to be still getting work, as it was recently announced that he's been cast in the upcoming film The Genesis Code. In somewhat less glamorous news, he's also involved in a lawsuit against USA Network for their alleged theft of an idea Christensen pitched to the network. In the lawsuit, Christensen alleges that he pitched a show that was suspiciously similar to their program Royal Pains. He says that his idea actually came first, and that USA neglected to inform him about any similar programs that were in development at the time. It's not known how the lawsuit is going to end up, but hopefully it will keep Christensen's head above water for the time being. Those Audi sports cars don't pay for themselves, you know.

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