Five Utterly Insane Facts About Floyd Mayweather's Car Collection

By on May 1, 2015 in ArticlesCelebrity Cars

In nine days, Floyd Mayweather will finally square off against Manny Pacquiao. The final contracts were officially signed today and the tickets are being printed as we speak. As we've mentioned numerous times over the last few weeks, this bout will be the highest revenue-producing boxing match in history. When all the cash registers are finally rung, the fight is expected to bring in $400 million. After costs, Floyd is expected to take home as much as $180 million. Manny's cut will be as much as $120 million. Not bad for a few hours worth of work. With Floyd, the money will definitely go to good use. For example, the day after the fight he might go out and buy another set of $15 million worth of cars THAT HE NEVER DRIVES!

Floyd recently gave ESPN's Stephen A. Smith a tour of his Vegas mansion. During that tour, they obviously spent a lot of time walking through Floyd's various garages.

Below are some fun facts we just learned about Floyd's car collection:

1) Floyd keeps a fleet of white cars at his Las Vegas mansion, a fleet of silver cars at his Miami mansion and a fleet of black cars at his LA mansion.

2) Floyd owns a Ferrari Enzo that set him back $3.2 million. There are only 400 of these cars in the world and only 11 in the United States.

3) Floyd owns three $1.6 million Bugatti Veyrons.

4) Seven of Floyd's Las Vegas cars are worth a combined $15 million. And he never drives them.

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5) This fact actually came from a different interview, but we had to share it here: Floyd once called his preferred luxury car dealer at 3am and told him: "I need a Bugatti in my driveway in 12 hours." The dealer somehow made it happen. That's probably why Floyd has bought a reported 39 cars from that one dealer alone during his lifetime. And those 39 cars are just scratching the surface of Floyd's collection. According to the General Manager of Towbin Motorcars in Las Vegas, Floyd has bought no fewer than 100 cars from their dealership over time. And when Floyd buys a car, he always pays with duffel bags of cash. He does this often enough that the Vegas dealership had to buy a special cash counting machine for whenever Floyd decides to pop in.

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