Caught On Security Cam: The Moment Two Drag Racing Ferraris Fly Through The Air And Crash Into Italian Villa

By on March 6, 2023 in ArticlesCelebrity Cars

To quote one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies – the 1996 Nicolas Cage masterpiece "The Rock" – "Dude, you just messed up your Ferrari!" Though, as you may know, the real line is not "messed up." The real line uses a word that rhymes with "ducked," but I'm trying to keep this article family friendly. Also unlike in "The Rock" where a single gorgeous Ferrari gets totally destroyed in an unimaginably amazing explosion of destruction, you're about to see TWO incredibly expensive and amazing Ferraris get totally… ducked up… in an unimaginably amazing explosion of destruction.

What you're about to see involves two Ferraris which have a combined value of more than $600,000. The red car is a Ferrari 296 GTB, which has a base price of $322,000. The blue car is a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, which has a base price of $309,000.

This incident took place over the weekend in a small Italian town called Osimo, which is located in the province of Ancona. According to local newspaper Ancona Today, more than a dozen fire and paramedics were called to respond to the accident.

According to Ancona Today, the two drivers were tourists. One was a 56-year-old from Holland and the other a 46-year-old from Belgium. They had apparently been racing through the rural country roads and totally misjudged a very sharp turn.

Traveling at more than 60 miles per hour, the red Ferrari is launched off road and slams head-on into the wall of a nearby villa. The blue Ferrari goes completely airborne for 3-4 seconds before dive-bombing into the wall and some bushes. Somehow everyone walked away mostly unscathed. The red car might be partially salvageable. The blue Ferrari was totally destroyed by the crash and an ensuing fire.

Start the video below at the 15 second mark (I've queued it up to that point) then pay attention to the top right of the screen a few seconds later…

And here are some photos of the aftermath:

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