Cardi B Once Bought A Lamborghini With $500,000 In Cash

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There's nothing quite like – and almost nothing as increasingly rare – as making a significant purchase in cash, rather than credit or installments or COD or any of the other options available to a person with sufficient credit in the modern world. That satisfaction was apparently a motivating factor for Cardi B, who once took to social media to prove to her fans that she bought her $500,000 Lamborghini with cash withdrawn directly from her checking account.

The proof became necessary last summer, after she and husband Offset were reported to have purchased twin matching his and her Lambos, which led to fan speculation that the pair would have had to lease the cars rather than purchasing them outright. Cardi took to Twitter to show her followers a screenshot from her bank account, and the sufficient cash withdrawal necessary to buy the car free and clear. The tweet seems to have been deleted now, but you can see it in the Instagram post below:


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#CardiB wants you to know she bought her new Lambo straight cash

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Despite the flashiness of this particular purchase, experts do advise that you should buy a car rather than lease, if you can afford to do so – and if that means having to settle for something less than a Lamborghini with a price tag at half a million dollars, well so be it.

One such expert is finance guru Suze Orman, who once said on CNBC that leasing a BMW 750iL back in the 80s was "the most stupid thing I've ever done with money." She went on:

"There was a time that I was in a relationship with a very, very wealthy person and I wanted to impress this person and I didn't have money yet, so I went out and I leased a car."

She says that at the time she couldn't really afford the $800 monthly payment and ended up regretting the lease as time went on. So, as it turns out, dropping half a million on a car in cash isn't just satisfying, but financially responsible – who would have thought?

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