If You Were A Billionaire, This Is The Private Jet You Would Own…

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Take a step back from whatever you're doing and imagine an amazing world where your bank account has 10 figures. You own mansions all over the world, a private island in the Caribbean, dozens of cars, tons of expensive jewelry, a $300 million yacht, and of course a private jet. As a certified billionaire, you have unlimited options in pretty much all aspects your life. You can buy 100 different kinds of cars, watches, boats and even houses. There is just one acquisition where billionaires pretty much have just one choice. Well, they have a few choices, but they pretty much all end up choosing the same brand. When it comes time to pick out a private jet, there is only one brand billionaires look at: Gulfstream.

Ask any billionaire you meet and he/she will tell you that Gulfstream is the asbolute gold standard when it comes to crafting private jets. Ever heard rappers (most notably Jay-Z) brag about flying around the world on a G4 or G5? Those are Gulfstream models. So if you had a 10 figure bank account, which Gulfstream model should you buy? Here's pretty much everything you need to know:

Earlier this week, Gulfstream revealed its brand new G500 and G600 models. With base sticker prices of $44 million and $53 million, respectively, these jets can fit up to 19 passengers in total luxury. Both planes have four sleeping areas for passengers plus a resting area for pilots and crew members. Unlike a commercial airplane and other private jet predecessors, the air on the G500 and G600 is 100% fresh. Fresh air is fully replenished throughout the cabin every two minutes. The G600 can fly nonstop from Los Angeles to London (at an average speed of 685 MPH) or Los Angeles to Shanghai (at an average speed of 645 MPH). The G500's max distance is slightly shorter.

Unfortunately, if you want one of these amazing planes you're gonna have to wait a couple years. Both models already have a long waiting list and Qatar Airways just plunked down a deposit for the first 20 that roll off the factory floor.

If you absolutely must have a Gulfstream right this minute, you're gonna have to settle with for a G550 or a G650 (my heart goes out to you). Introduced in 2004 ,the G550 can also set you back as much as $60 million. A G550 can fly nonstop from Seoul, South Korea to Orlando, Florida (7300 nautical miles) in roughly 14.5 hours. The G550 currently holds the distance records for 40 different nonstop city to city routes. The United States Air Force owns a G550 that is used to transport high level government officials such as the Vice President, Secretary of State and the Director of Homeland Security. Anytime a passenger boards this jet, "America, Fuck Ya!" is blasted from external and internal speakers. Ok maybe not. But that would be really cool.

The G650 was introduced in November 2009. It has a cruising speed of Mach .85 and a top speed of Mach .925 (that is very very fast). This plane has a base price of $64.5 million and a three year waiting list. In 2013, several buyers paid over $70 million to expedite their orders.

As cool as everything we just described sounds, the best part about flying on a Gulfstream private jet might actually be… the bathroom. In case you missed our article titled "The Most Embarrassing Private Jet Flight of All Time", do yourself a favor, open that link in a new tab and read that story immediately after this one. And for those who have read that gut-buster, how badly would that unlucky bastard have killed to have access to this amazing G5 bathroom?

And if you're really patient (or just plan on being a billionaire in 5-10 years), you should hold out for what is now being called the Gulfstream G650ER. The prototype of this highly anticipated jet wont be revealed until sometime in 2015 and likely wont be available for delivery until 2019. the G650ER (Extended Range) is exactly like the standard G650 in most ways, except it can fly 500 extra nautical miles for a top range of 7500 NM. The G650ER is expected to come with a $2 million surcharge on top of the G650's $64.5 million base sticker price.

Celebrities who own Gulfstream private jets include Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, Jim Carrey, Tom Cruise, Tyler Perry, Oprah, Tiger Woods, John Travolta, Ralph Lauren, Rupert Murdoch and many many more…

So now you know everything you could ever want about the best private jets in the world. Next step is to just earn that billion dollar fortune and remember to invite your friends from Celebrity Net Worth on a trip to the Bahamas!

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