Andrew Bynum's Cars: This All-Star Has All Kinds of Cars

By on August 29, 2012 in ArticlesCelebrity Cars

Everyone has a vice.  Movie stars, popular politicians, and famous athletes also have vices.  They also have more money to spend on them.  Some vices can completely derail a person's career, while others simply seem to add to their coolness factor.  Collecting cars falls into the latter group.  With a wide variety of custom sports cars, NBA All-Star, Andrew Bynum is looking pretty cool.  Though known for losing his head on the court occasionally, he is consistent in his car purchases.  He chooses awesome cars, and then has them customized to suit his seven-foot, 285-pound frame.  He has not one, but six cars, and every single one of them is more spectacular than the last.  There is some concern among the 76ers management that he will choose to become a free agent next year, and ask for more money in order to extend his contract with the team.  If he does ask, you know it will be because he wants to buy some more cars.  Check out the gallery below for all of Mr. Bynum's cars, and be prepared to drool.

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