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Adam Carolla's Cars are pretty impressive. In fact, Adam Carolla is known by car enthusiasts for his particularly unique garage and car collection. His garage contains an eclectic collection of automobiles from various different brand names and eras. Adam Carolla's cars include sports cars and race cars from manufacturers like Lamborghini, Datsun, Nissan and more.

But unlike fellow comedian and automotive enthusiast Jay Leno, Adam Carolla's cars are not stored in a meticulously maintained showroom – it's a garage. As you can see in the pictures below, Carolla's garage has the look of a workshop that someone actually works in – discarded pieces of equipment are scattered across most of the visible counter spaces, and the entire garage as a whole has an appealingly "lived in" quality. Or maybe I should say "worked in."

Also distinguishing Adam Carolla's cars and garage from Leno's is the sense that the collection has plenty of room to grow. Although Carolla's net worth is a surprisingly robust $15 million, there are still plenty of cars that he wishes to acquire. The comedian has mentioned a Ferrari 250 GTO, a BMW 3.0 CSL race car, and a diesel-powered Nissan Armada specifically as holding the top slots on his mental wish list.

Car nuts will be pleased to discover that Carolla doesn't just let these cars sit in his garage. He's also an active amateur racer, participating in several races in his prized Bob Sharp Datsun 610. He hasn't raced in all the cars in his collection, but one can presume he hasn't ruled it out, either.

So click on the gallery below for a special look at Adam Carolla's cars in the world of celebrity automobile collections. It might not be the biggest collection on the planet, but there's enough charm and character here for a dozen of Jay Leno's garages. Plus, Jay Leno was never on Crank Yankers.

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