The Wealthy At Play: Hobbies Of The Super-Duper Rich

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Do you have a hobby? Do you like to run or play softball or knit? Are you into anime or video games? Well, I have news for you – you may really enjoy your hobby, but it is not a hobby in which the super-wealthy partake.

The latest billionaire census is out, and as usual, it is chock full of all kinds of interesting tidbits about the trends and habits of the richest people in the world. For instance, there are 2,473 total billionaires in the world, representing a combined wealth of US$7.7 trillion. That's a 6.4% and 5.4% increase since 2014, respectively. There is one billionaire for every 2.95 million people on the planet, so despite how we feel here at Celebrity Net Worth, there aren't billionaires everywhere you look. That said, the world's billionaires did control 3.9% of total wealth in 2015.

Phil Walter/Getty Images

Phil Walter/Getty Images

The billionaire census asks all kinds of questions, such as how the billionaires acquired their wealth. Two-thirds of the world's billionaires, at least partially, inherited their money. However, 87% of billionaires made their own money – either as self-made billionaires or by growing their inherited wealth.

After all of the questions about how they got so rich and were they live and what industries they are in, the census gets around to asking the billionaires what they like to do with their spare time. What are the hobbies of the ultra wealthy?

Well, I can tell you this – they aren't scrapbooking or playing Pokemon Go.

Philanthropy is the most popular hobby amongst the world's billionaires, with more than 56% of billionaires either actively involved in, or interested in, philanthropic activities.

The second most popular hobby is travel, with 31% of today's billionaires reporting it as a serious interest. The third most popular hobby, at 29%, is art.

Here are the 20 most common hobbies of the world's billionaires and the percentage of involvement in each activity.

#20) Skiing – 7.2%

#19) Watches – 7.7%

#18) Fishing – 7.8%

#17) Jewelry – 8.1%

#16) Hunting – 8.8%

#15) Dining – 10.9%

#14) Golf – 11%

#13) Cultural Events – 12.1%

#12) Reading – 12.3%

#11) Football/Soccer – 13.1%

#10) Collectibles – 14.1%

#9) Automobiles – 14.5%

#8) Health and Exercise – 14.8%

#7) Boating – 14.9%

#6) Wine and Spirits – 15/9%

#5) Politics – 22.2%

#4) Fashion and Style – 25.2%

#3) Art – 28.7%

#2) Travel – 31%

#1) Philanthropy – 56.3%

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