The Countries That Have Added The Most New Billionaires Over The Past 10 Years

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If there's one adage that is continually true no matter what's going on in the world, it's that the rich keep getting richer. That's certainly been true in the decade since 2010, when the whole world was just coming off the devastation of the global financial crisis. In the past 10 years, the economy rebounded, the stock market soared, and the rich got richer. Many new billionaires were minted, especially in technology and real estate. Since 2010, the number of billionaires in the world has more than doubled from 1,011 to 2,095. The collective net worth of the world's billionaires is about $8 trillion.

China gained the most billionaires in the past decade. Mainland China had 64 billionaires in 2010. Today, they have 389. Thailand had three billionaires in 2010. Today they have 20. Asian countries, in general, have seen a big surge in billionaires. Besides those already mentioned, Singapore has gone from four to 26 billionaires and India had a 108% increase from 2010. There were 102 billionaires in India in 2020. European countries also fared well, especially France, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. There were 18 countries that didn't have any billionaires of their own to claim in 2010 and do today.

The United States saw the second-highest jump in the number of American billionaires. Notable newcomers over the past 10 years include MacKenzie Bezos, Kylie Jenner, and Epic Games (Fortnite) founder Tim Sweeney.

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It hasn't been all sunshine and roses and increased wealth everywhere, though. Ten countries saw the number of billionaires within their borders decline including Belgium, Saudi Arabia, and New Zealand.

Below are the 10 countries that have added the most billionaires this decade.

#10. Italy

Total billionaires in 2010: 13

Total billionaires in 2020: 36

#9. Switzerland

Total billionaires in 2010: 35

Total billionaires in 2020: 11

#8. Brazil

Total billionaires in 2010: 18

Total billionaires in 2020: 45

#7. France

Total billionaires in 2010: 12

Total billionaires in 2020: 39

#6. Russia

Total billionaires in 2010: 61

Total billionaires in 2020: 99

#5. Hong Kong

Total billionaires in 2010: 25

Total billionaires in 2020: 66

#4. India

Total billionaires in 2010: 49

Total billionaires in 2020: 102

#3. Germany

Total billionaires in 2010: 52

Total billionaires in 2020: 107

#2. United States

Total billionaires in 2010: 404

Total billionaires in 2020: 614

#1. China

Total billionaires in 2010: 64

Total billionaires in 2020: 389

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