The $25.8 Million Listing: New Hampshire's Most Expensive Property

By on August 30, 2016 in ArticlesBillionaire News

In the market for a new home in New Hampshire? While it might not be exactly within your price range, the most expensive home in the state comes with a few perks. If you can get past the $25.8 million cost, the perks – including the fact that the listing is actually three homes and two apartments in one – might outweigh the price.

The property in question extends across 16.5 acres in Alton, New Hampshire, and is positioned at the very edge of the 28-mile Lake Winnipesaukee. Included in the price are two homes positioned not far from the expansive blue waters, a third building dubbed the owner's "entertaining barn" with an attached farmhouse and multiple private docks. At total count of the property's two main homes, there are 12 bedrooms and 26 bathrooms spread across 63,000 square feet of indoor living space.

The current owners of the state's most expensive property on the market – the family of Bob Bahre – are the original founders of the New Hampshire International Speedway. They bought the land for $2.5 million in the 1990s and spent several years constructing each of the lakeside edifices. In 2008, they sold their stake in the NHIS for a healthy $340 million. Following the transaction, the owners began spending more and more time in both Maine and St. Bart's, a lifestyle change that prompted "for sale" signs on the lakeside luxury.

The home pictured here is proclaimed to be very nearly an exact replica of the home belonging to S. Prestley Blake, better known as the founder of the popular restaurant chain Friendly's, whom the owner's grandfather lived down the street from.

The house features a variety of unique features, including a Moroccan-themed room and an updated garage (one part of the home that doesn't mimic Blake's famed real estate). Perhaps one of the most fascinating amenities is the home's infinity pool. Not only can swimmers take a cool dip, but the pool leads to unique secluded grotto akin to a private cave spring.

Echoing a much more formal and symmetrical appearance, the second home on the property belongs to the current owner's parents. It features large staircases, formal décor, chandeliers and plenty of extra space. It even comes with two extra apartments, currently used by friends of the family and staff.

The "entertaining barn" – the property's third structure – is only partially what it sounds like. The multi-purpose building has played host to a variety of extravagant events, including a notable economist summit, the pre-game toast to many Nascar racers and many family functions and parties. All conferences and parties aside, the barn comes complete with an attached two-bedroom farmhouse and a library with a hidden staircase accessible by – you guessed it – one of the study's many books.

While the home is still considered to be the most expensive real estate on the New Hampshire market, bargain hunters should take note that the home's current price of $25.8 million is quite the deal from its initial listing price of $49 million in 2014.

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