Michael Jordan's Private Jet Has An Elephant Print Paint Job

By on February 21, 2017 in ArticlesBillionaire News

Michael Jordan, the consensus pick for greatest professional basketball player of all time, is also a well-known style icon thanks to the legendary Air Jordan line of sneakers. A Reddit user recently snapped a photo that proves Mike's sneaker line isn't just a bottom-line financial thing with him, since his private G550 jet is outfitted with the famous elephant print first seen on the Air Jordan 3.

Skeptics may take a look at the grainy black and white photo and jerk their knees toward a couple of different conclusions. One is that the jet does not actually belong to Jordan, but instead to some other sneaker-obsessed anonymous (and wealthy) individual. This would seem to be debunked thanks to some clever sleuths out there, who matched the plane's N236MJ registration number with another paint job seen on the jet known to be Jordan's in France. The other less-fun conclusion is that maybe MJ just likes elephants or something, but even that seems questionable when you notice the iconic Air Jordan Jumpman logo on the rear of the plane.

Clearly, Jordan is proud enough of his legacy in the sneaker world to have multiple references to it emblazoned all over his private jet. And why not? He's got a net worth of $1.2 billion, much of that thanks to the sneakers that bear his name and image, so he's got a reason to be proud of it.

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