These Are The Youngest Billionaires In The World

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What's better than being a billionaire? Not much. But if you can somehow manage to be a billionaire while you're still young… that's quite an accomplishment. Or quite an inheritance 🙂

How young? Imagine being nineteen and having a $1.2 billion net worth at your disposal. That's the reality for a Norwegian teenager, Alexandra Andresen, who, thanks to her family's investment company, Ferd, has received 42% of the company from her father. Her older sister, Katherina, also has a net worth of $1.2 billion. However, unlike Alexandra, she's not a teenager, instead, she has to settle for being a billionaire at the ripe age of 20.

In a similar vein of Norwegian heirs to billion-dollar fortunes, there is Magnar Witzoe, who at the age of 22 has a measly $1.1 billion net worth. Though he's struck out on his own as an investor in real estate and startups, he acquired his fortune from his father, who founded SalMar, a farm-raised salmon producer. Witzoe's father left him an impressive 47% of the company's equity, so no matter how his real personal ventures go, he should be set for life.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Time Inc

Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Time Inc

On the older end of the billionaire spectrum – by which we mean people in their mid twenties – is Lundwig Theodor Braun, who hails from Germany. He owns 9.69% of B. Braun Melsungen AG, a medical products company that was started by his family all the way back in 1839. His ownership translates into a $1.2 billion net worth for the 26-year-old.

The Youngest Billionaires In The World

#1: Alexandra Andresen – 19

$1.2 billion

#2: Katharina Andresen – 20

$1.2 billion

#3: Gustav Magnar Witzoe – 22

$1.1 billion

#4: Evan Spiegel – 25

$2.1 billion

#5: Ludwig Theodor Braun – 26 

$1.2 billion

Although most of the youngest billionaires in the world have gained their fortunes by inheriting the money from their parents, there are those, like Snapchat founder and CEO, Evan Spiegel, who are completely self-made. At the age of 25, Spiegel is already worth $2.1 billion – the highest amount of the five youngest billionaires.

Regardless of whether they're self-made or were gifted billions by their families, being a young billionaire is one of the most advantageous, and rarest, positions any person can be in. Let's hope that they use it well.

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