Jerry Jones Just Spent $250 Million On A Yacht

By on January 17, 2019 in ArticlesBillionaire News

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently accepted delivery on a massive superyacht, constructed in the Netherlands and named after his wife Gene. And the Bravo Eugenia is an impressive craft by pretty much any standard, starting with the $250 million TMZ reports that Jones spent on it.

Pascale Reymond is one of the designers of the Bravo Eugenia, and he found it notable enough to issue a press statement about the yacht. As he puts it:

"We worked very closely with the Owner to find the perfect artisans and craftsmen in creating bespoke artworks, fabrics and signature furniture pieces that reflect the Owner's style and essence and combine to create a warm, inviting environment for all on board."

That can mean as many as 14 guests and 30 members of the crew, surrounded by "top of the line" lacquered pearl surfaces and maple woods throughout the ship. Then there are all the fun amenities included on board, like a steam room, a full gymnasium, a massage room, a "plunge pool," a rain shower, and plenty of storage space for other, smaller water craft that one might want out in the ocean. Then there are the two helipads, for when you want to land not just one, but two helicopters on your yacht at once. It measures in at 357 feet, and represents a totally new design concept from Oceanco and Lateral, the two companies charged with designing the yacht, with energy efficiency and more room for guests among the design's top priorities. You can take a look at the finished product below:

Jones reportedly took delivery of the yacht on December 20th, so the Bravo Eugenia was something of an early Christmas present – both for him and for its namesake. But he reportedly had to send it back to the Netherlands after the New Year for a few additional finishing touches.

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