Jeff Bezos To Pay $80 Million For Manhattan Penthouse And Two Apartments Underneath

By on June 12, 2019 in ArticlesBillionaire News

Amazon's Jeff Bezos has reportedly been looking for new digs ever since his divorce from ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos was finalized back in April. Now, The Wall Street Journal reports that he's found a living space to his liking, and the Manhattan penthouse (along with two apartments below the penthouse) is costing him some $80 million.

The penthouse at the top of 212 Fifth Avenue has three floors on its own, so the purchase of the additional two units directly below the penthouse means Bezos is sure to have plenty of space – 12 bedrooms and a reported 17,000 square feet in all, all overlooking Manhattan's 26th Street Madison Square Park.

Paying $80 million is a lot for an apartment, even in Manhattan. One source told WSJ that the $80 million deal is the most expensive real estate transaction in New York so far this year, with one exception: the highly publicized $240 million buy from billionaire real estate fiend Ken Griffin.

The deal comes amid Bezos's divorce and months of reported apartment hunting by the online retail mogul, and Bezos is now reported to own properties in Manhattan, Beverly Hills, Washington DC, and Medina, Washington state, near the Seattle headquarters of Amazon.

As 212 Fifth Avenue is one of the most prestigious properties in Manhattan, Bezos won't be wanting for amenities during his time there. The property itself is outfitted with a fitness center, game room, high tech golf simulator, and a private film screening room. As for the penthouse itself, it's appropriately known as "The Crown," and features five bedrooms, several huge terraces, and even a private elevator for getting from one of the penthouse's three floors to another.

You can take a look at one of Jeff Bezos's new bachelor pads in the video below from Open House TV, which spotlights "The Crown" penthouse at 212 Fifth Avenue:

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