What Fraternities Did Billionaires Belong To In College?

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It's fall and collegians from coast to coast are rushing fraternities and sororities hoping to make friends and social connections that will hopefully last their entire lives. Greek life has been an integral part of college culture in America for hundreds of years. So we got to wondering how many American billionaires were members of fraternities, which fraternities they were a part of, and which one was the most popular choice of the future billionaires of America? Of the 400 richest Americans, at least 30 were members of one of 16 fraternities during their college years. Rick Caruso, Paul Tudor Jones II, Mike Milken, and Michael Bloomberg were presidents of their respective chapters. The most popular fraternity among the future billionaires was Sigma Alpha Mu, which included Les Wexner of The Limited, casino mogul Steve Wynn, Mike Milken, and a number of others. Let's get right to it and take a look at which fraternities American billionaires belonged to:

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Alpha Tau Omega: Peter Buck

Beta Theta Pi: David and Charles Koch

Delta Chi: Reinhold Schmieding

Delta Kappa Epsilon: Frederick Smith

Delta Sigma Pi:  Joe Grendys , C. Dean Metropoulos, John A. Sobrato

Kappa Sigma: Jerry Jones

Lambda Chi Alpha: Russ Weiner

Phi Delta Theta:  Thomas Frist, John Tyson, Ray Lee Hunt

Phi Gamma Delta:  Charles Ergen, Phil Knight

Phi Kappa Psi:  B. Wayne Hughes, Michael Bloomberg , Bill Gross

Phi Sigma Kappa: Don Hankey

Rho Pi Phi: Bernard Marcus

Sigma Alpha Epsilon:  Rick Caruso, Edward Johnson III, Paul Tudor Jones II

Sigma Alpha Mu: Les Wexner, Michael Milken, Neil Bluhm, Steve Wynn, Jonathan Gray, Erick Lefkofsky, Ron Baron

Sigma Nu: Rupert Johnson

Tau Kappa Epsilon:  Howard Schultz , Marc Benioff

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