Billionaire Steven Schonfeld Reportedly Set To Buy Almost $200 Million Palm Beach Mansion

By on November 6, 2019 in ArticlesBillionaire News

The New York Post reports that hedge fund billionaire Steven Schonfeld is set to buy a giant mansion in Palm Beach, Florida for nearly $200 million, and set a couple real estate records in the process. Reports differ on how much Schonfeld is paying for the mansion, but at that price, not only would the purchase break the previous record for home sales in Palm Beach by almost $100 million, but it would also qualify as the most ever paid for a single detached home in the entire United States (not to be confused with the most expensive listing in the US, as opposed to sale price).

Of course, the estate was never listed publicly, so information on it is scarce, and reports seem to differ even on the agreed-upon sale price. While The New York Post reports the aforementioned almost $200 million figure, local outlets the Palm Beach Post and the Palm Beach Daily News say the price is closer to $100 million. In any case, all sources seem to agree that whatever the price, it's enough to beat the local record set earlier this year at $105 million.

The home is currently owned by Matrix Essentials co-founder Sydell Miller, and goes by the name "La Reverie." It's one of the very biggest in the Palm Beach area, clocking in at 84,626 square feet with ten bedrooms and 19 bathrooms. And the surrounding property stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Intracoastal Waterway with 350 feat of beachfront included on the estate.

Whether La Reverie is truly the most expensive detached house in the country as the Post reports, or merely the most expensive home in Palm Beach, it's clearly an impressive piece of real estate any way you look at it. And by the end of the year, it will become the property of one Steven Schonfeld.

You, however, can take a brief look at the property known as La Reverie in the video below from Sincere TV:

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