Billionaire Roundup: Cold Feet, Billionaire Seesaws, And Football On The Las Vegas Strip

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Party people! Did you enjoy your Labor Day weekend shenanigans? I can assure you that the billionaires of the world did. They were off yachting and flying in their private jets and visiting their beach houses and doing the things that we all do, just with more money. In this installment of the Billionaire Roundup we'll take a look at one famous diva's cold feet—could a billionaire wedding be on the verge of being called off? We'll also discuss how for a day or two last week Bill Gates was not the richest man in the world. Quelle horreur! And finally, we'll check in with the guys trying to bring the NFL to Sin City.

A Diva's Cold Feet

Mariah Carey has made a career out of being a diva. Heck, she's made a lifetime out of it! So why should it be any different as her wedding to billionaire James Packer approaches? People close to the songbird are chirping about how as the day approaches, Mariah is beginning to wonder if this is really what she wants. I KNOW! Shall we form a committee to bitch slap her ladies? Packer is rich, tall, not bad looking, and has given Mariah everything she ever wanted.

And that appears to be the problem. When Mariah met her billionaire beau last year, she was a broken girl reeling from her divorce from Nick Cannon. Now, it seems that since Packer has validated her beauty and self-worth and Mariah is feeling more like her old self, she's considering moving on and seeing what else is out there.

I literally can't even, with her. Am I right, ladies?

Rob Kim/Getty Images

Rob Kim/Getty Images

For A Brief Moment In Time, Bill Gates Was Poor

OK, well poor is grossly exaggerating the situation, but for a couple of days, Bill Gates was NOT the richest man in the world. Zara founder Amancio Ortega was. Last week, Zara's parent company Inditex's rising stock prices made him the richest man in the world for about 48 hours. On Wednesday and Thursday, Ortega was able to bask in the knowledge that he was the wealthiest person on the planet. Fluctuating share prices bumped him back to second place by Friday morning. This is the second time Ortega was briefly the richest man in the world. It was celebrated as a milestone in Spain.

Is Sin City REALLY Getting An NFL Team?

It seems that plans are continuing to move ahead to bring professional football to Las Vegas. Raiders owner Mark Davis and billionaire Sheldon Adelson had a meeting in Las Vegas last week to discuss the funding of the proposed $1.9 billion stadium on the Las Vegas Strip.

Davis, Adelson, and about a dozen more people met at the Clark County Building to draft a new version of the bill to be sent to state lawmakers outline just how they plan to pay for the retractable roof stadium. Adelson remains firm about his desire to raise $750 million of the funding through hotel room taxes. Davis has pledge $500 million to the stadium project, $200 million of which is an NFL loan. Adelson is chipping in $650 million of his own money and agreed to fund any costs over $1.9 billion. That leaves the $750 million. A vote is expected in the Nevada legislature as early as next week.

Here's what I want to know: will this stadium on the Strip have slot machines?

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