Billionaire Richard Branson Explains What He Would Do If He Lost His Fortune

By on November 30, 2017 in ArticlesBillionaire News

Two decades after the release of his bestselling memoir Losing My Virginity, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson has published a brand-new autobiography, Finding My Virginity.

In the book, Branson reflects on fifty years as a successful entrepreneur, what motivates the 67-year-old, how he'd handle having to start over, and so much more.

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Here's an excerpt from the new tome, which came out in October:

"One question people ask me a lot is what I would do today if I lost all my money and had to start from scratch. My answer? To begin with, I'd have to make sure I went bust in the most spectacular, exciting failure in history. Then I'd autograph lots of £10 notes and sell them (hopefully for more!).

Next, I'd go through all my notebooks, find the best ideas that had fallen through the cracks and start them up. While business may have changed from when I started out, the principles are the same and still fit what I am good at: finding markets that need shaking up, coming up with ways to make people's lives better, then finding brilliant people to bring it to life.

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. I know I'd find a gap in the market somewhere."

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