This Is How Much The .01% Pay Staff To Keep Their Households Running

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Making the most of every hour in the day is essential for everyone, especially billionaires. Well-to-do individuals and families hire help—assistants, chefs, house managers, and more – to keep their personal and professional lives operating as efficiently as possible.

Services like Hire Society, a recruitment firm that works with the ultra-affluent in New York City, the Hamptons, and Palm Beach, are available to help billionaires staff their households and businesses.

"The vast majority of our clients are the .01% – they have multiple homes, private aircraft, and several members of domestic staff," said Hire Society founder David Youdovin.

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"There's major altruism in putting good people to work with these families," Youdovin continued. "These salaries can be life-changing, especially for people not originally from the United States."

Youdovin, who worked as a butler and estate manager before starting Hire Society, broke down the roles wealthy families commonly hire for, and just how much these staff members are paid annually.

Chief of Staff: $200,000–$500,000

Estate manager: $150,000–$300,000

Executive house manager: $100,000–$150,000

Assistant house manager: $80,000–$110,000

Office manager: $100,000–$175,000

Butler: $80,000–$120,000

Executive assistant: $90,000–$185,000

Junior executive assistant: $60,000–$80,000

Personal assistant: $75,000–$125,000

Junior personal assistant: $60,000–$80,000

Head chef: $100,000–$200,000

Sous chef: $75,000–$95,000

Cook: $60,000–$90,000

Executive housekeeper: $75,000–$100,000

Housekeeper: $65,000–$80,000

Ladies maid: $75,000–$85,000

Laundress: $75,000–$85,000

Baby nurse: $300–$600 per day, per child

Nanny: $65,000–$185,000

Family assistant: $60,000–$90,000

Governess: $100,000–$200,000

Driver: $75,000–$90,000

Executive protection: $90,000–$120,000

Domestic couple: $125,000–$300,000

Tutor: $100,000–$150,000

Horseman: $60,000–$80,000

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