Billionaire Ernie Boch Jr. Lists Tropical Paradise Home For $7.2 Million

By on August 1, 2016 in ArticlesBillionaire News

As you read this, there's a good chance that you're currently surrounded by the kind of sweltering summer heat that saps the energy and spirit out of everyone in the dog days of July and August. But believe it or not, in most of the Western Hemisphere it's going to be winter again before you know it, and if you want an escape from those cold winter nights, you might want to consider purchasing Ernie Boch Jr.'s $7.2 million Caribbean vacation property, entitled "Seagrape."

Boch's personal misfortune is the real estate market's gain, as according to the Bloomberg story on the listing, he's putting his Caribbean home away from home up for sale as a result of a recent divorce. But the property was purchased about ten years ago during happier times, when Boch and his then-wife discovered the tiny paradise of the island of Nevis: "The second I stepped off the boat, I realized it was the place to be," said Boch.

The property itself is also not a bad place to be, with five bedrooms and six and a half baths spread over 4,240 square feet and two floors, as well as a modest cottage for guests. The house, part of the island's Four Seasons Resort Estates, is loaded with verandas outside every room, and the entire spread is nestled into the hillside with expansive views of the sea. And if you get sick of listening to the waves, the home is also equipped with a "total home control system" that handles temperature, lighting, and audio. There's also a swimming pool, purported by Boch to be twice the size of a normal pool, a hot tub, and a separate outdoor kitchen for parties (or if you just feel like cooking something outside by yourself!).

Unless you have a private jet like Boch, the location of the property may be less than ideal from the standpoint of getting there via commercial flights. The closest airport is on the island of St. Kitts, which is about 45 minutes from Nevis via ferry. Nevis offers a few extra perks to property owners on the island, though, and I don't just mean the proximity to the beach. Every homeowner on Nevis is automatically entitled to citizenship, which entails travel to 120 countries without the need of a visa as well as a 0% personal income tax rate. But Mother Nature has a way of collecting her own tax, and Boch notes that "Nevis is on the hurricane belt, so they hit the island quite often" (the house's hillside location keeps it mostly safe from the brunt of hurricane damage, though).

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