5 Gift Ideas For Billionaires

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Imagine a billionaire exchanging gifts with another billionaire. What would he or she purchase? Maybe an island for each other like Larry Ellison's $500 million island in Hawaii, or maybe a fancy yacht to throw huge parties on. Most billionaires will have a team of creative minds to help with unique ideas to gift a friend or family member. Think outside the box on the level of a billionaire for a minute. Your fellow filthy rich friend's birthday is coming up – what would you gift them with even though they can afford pretty much anything? Expensive jewelry is probably the most common idea, along with a nice whip or other "toy" of their liking. With the holiday season approaching, we have provided a list below with unique gift ideas for the super-rich.


Jewelry & Designs Candle – $ 5,000

Not just your average candle from the dollar store, Luxury Candles come with a high price and only the most wealthy can afford it. Designed by Bucci Jewelry & Designs, a diamond bow necklace surrounds each soy candle. Each necklace has 38 diamonds with a total of 2.23 carats located on a bed of white gold.

Gold Basin Sink – $ 80,000

Luxury Edition & Gallery are known for the world's most expensive sink that is covered with 24-karat gold and diamond accents. You will have to cough up $80,000 for this gold encrusted basin. The designer of the product, Bo Karisson, has a grand selection of luxury home décor, which share the same price range. For the ballers who aren't on any type of budget, Luxury Edition and Gallery offers a $1.5 million crystal bathtub or a $21,000 crystal sink.

(Actual photo was hard to find. Imagine a sink, but made of gold…)

JF-260 Jetpack – $ 135,000

For billionaires who are looking for luxury gifts that are fun, look no further – the JF-260 is definitely the fastest and most agile Jetlev-Flyer in the world, and it's super expensive of course. It's convenient and light to carry, and has the ability to trigger an over water flight wherever and whenever required. The JetLev Flyer is connected to the boat by a flexible supply hose that lets you reach unimaginable heights. You can compare it to a higher-powered hose connected to a 4-stroke boat.

Baron Surfboard – $ 1.3 Million

This is the perfect idea for your super rich friend who leads a very stressful life. Designed by Roy Stuart, the Baron surfboard measures in at 12 feet and happens to be the highest priced surfboard in the world. Of course, it's more than your average surfboard you find at beaches – this board is more advanced, faster, thinner and much more costly. You are guaranteed an exciting experience as well as a major thanks from your billionaire friend!

Gulfstream G650 Private Jet – $ 58 Million 

You shouldn't be surprised that this tops all luxury gifts for the rich. Since commercial flying is not the most comfortable way to travel, why not travel in style with your own private jet. Gulfstream has been known for its prestige in private aviation. Its G650 sets the bar extremely high – with a range of almost 7,000 miles, the G650 could travel halfway over the world faster than any commercial airliner.

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