John Hankey - Rothschild, Rockefeller, Hitler, JFK & 9/11

Posted: Jul 19, 2013

Rense Radio, August 21, 2006. On Rothschild, Rockefeller, Hitler, Nazi connection to Big Companies, JFK Murders, Bush Family involved in JFK Assassinations, Walter Cronkite, E. Howard Hunt, CIA, William Farish, World War 2, Prescott Bush, W. Averell Harriman ("Lanny Budd", Skull and Bones), Heinrich Himmler, Eva Braun, Hitler Gay, John O'Neill, John Quinn, Herbert Walker, Zionist Nazi Cooperation, Israel, No Hitler No Israel, Shakespeare's Othello, Racism, Slavery, Chase Manhattan Bank, Holocaust, Trillion Dollar Profit from the Holocaust, Standard Oil (Rockefeller) and the Nazis, Harry Truman, Roosevelt, William Farish, Operation Paperclip, Operation Sunrise, George Bush Biography by Webster Tarpley, Adolf Eichmann, Hitler was an agent, Mein Kampf on racism, Captain Karl Meyr, General Ludendorff, Hindenburg, Hitler was a puppet before he knew he was, Churchill and Stalin wanted to destroy Germany, Steel Baron Fritz Thyssen, Turner on Hitler and Thyssen, Prescott Bush was Army Intelligence, Hitler was gay, Eva Braun tried to kill herself twice, Percy Rockefeller and World War One, Himmler and the Holocaust, David Irving Holocaust Denier, Stalingrad, Wannsee Conference, D-Day, Holocaust Forensic Examination, Whose Interests were served by the Holocaust, The Bankers made a trillion dollars thanks to the Holocaust, No Holocaust No Israel, Lebanon and the Holocaust, "The War Crimes that they're committing in Lebanon today are being justified with the Holocaust, Lenni Brenner, 51 Documents, Henry Makow, Rothschilds were THE leaders of the Zionist Movement, Balfour Declaration, Kastner the Zionist representative from Hungary, 9/11.