Rod Webber with Blood Car director Alex Orr at IFF Boston

Posted: Apr 24, 2008

Rod Webber with Blood Car director Alex Orr at IFF Boston. Rod Webber is a musician and filmmaker. His CDs include "Math and Emotion", "Ascent", "Telepath", "Burned My Feet On Meat Street", "Incandescent", "Folk Songs", "The You I Knew", "Goodbye", "Eastertown" and many others. Rod's recordings have charted on college radio in the United States and Canada, and he and his band have toured around the US in support of his recordings. Band members have included: Luke Bellamy, Aaron Bellamy, Matt Ferrel, Pete Philis, Jimmy Z, Dawn Littleton, Dede Webber, Joey Slliks, Andrea Michael, Shahzad Ismaily, Parker Ramsey, Keith Butters, Brian Rodman, Jamie Shapiro, Matt Tennis. Rod can be seen in the films "Northern Comfort", "A Man Among Giants", "Milkweed" and many others. Collaborators include Joseph James Bellamy, Ali Jalet, Greta Merchant and Greta Gerwig. Other notables who have appeared in his films: Bo Diddley, Harmony Korine, Doug 'Tiny' Tunstall, Matthew D. Ferrel, Jerry Springer, Triple H from the WWE, Dennis Kucinich, Mike Dukakis and Danny Aiello. Rod briefly worked at WFNX Boston with Mike Swasey and Henry Santoro on The Swasey Show. Both broadcasters continue to play the part of announcers and newsmen in Rods films, including Rods latest, Milkweed.