Robert Gagno "Ingenious Minds" - e4 Full/HD

Posted: Oct 31, 2011

Robert Gagno is an autistic young man who may never live independently from his parents, but he has an incredible talent: he's one of the top-ranked pinball players in the world. Robert's brain seems hard-wired for pinball wizardry: intense concentration and focus, the ability to almost instantly recognize the impetus, trajectory and velocity of the ball, and an incredible memory that allows him to memorize shot patterns and rack up huge scores. Robert and his father head to the Mayo Clinic to meet with a leading neurologist to see what makes Robert's brain unique. However, it's a visual processing test that presents the biggest clue as to why Robert is such a gifted pinball player. Jon Sarkin "Tormented by Genius" AKA "Ingenious Minds" - e1 Rex Lewis-Clack "Tormented by Genius" AKA "Ingenious Minds" - e2 George Widener "Ingenious Minds" - e1 Derek Amato "Ingenious Minds" - e2 John Robison "Ingenious Minds" - e3 Alonzo Clemons "Ingenious Minds" - e5 Temple Grandin "Ingenious Minds" - e6