Bela Karolyi's Gold Medal Moments: Kerri Strug and The Magnificent Seven

Posted: Jun 28, 2012

"The Magnificent Seven came around at a time when we were really struggling to build a team." So begins Bela Karolyi's story about the seven U.S. female gymnasts who took the world by storm in 1996. What were the special ingredients that formed a team that worked together so seamlessly - both on and off the competition floor - and how did they triumph in the face of certain disaster to bring home the gold at the 1996 Games?
You can hardly think of the Magnificent Seven without picturing that iconic image of coach Bela Karolyi carrying the injured Kerri Strug to the podium to receive her medal alongside her team. Here, Bela Karolyi recalls the magic of the 1996 team, including the headstrong and diminutive Kerri Strug who would make history by securing the team's gold medal in the face of a painful injury. Told through the eyes of Bela Karolyi, Kerri Strug and Shannon Miller.