Documentary: Margaret Thatcher - Long Walk to Finchley (BBC)

Posted: Feb 20, 2012

This BBC documentary is a dramatisation of Margaret Thatcher's early years in politics - culminating in her successful election as MP for Finchley. I have other Maggie documentaries coming soon focusing on her term as Prime Minister, the Falklands war, defeating the IRA hunger strike and her eventual downfall. If you click 'subscribe' above the video you'll be notified on your Youtube homepage when they are uploaded. documentary "bbc documentary" thatcher "documentary long" margaret "documentary full" "margaret thatcher" "maggie thatcher" "iron lady" "thatcher dcumentary" bbc falklands "falklands war" "hunger strike" ira "anglo irish agreement" "brighton bomb" "thatcher trailer" "thatcher falklands" "thatcher no no no" "thatcher speech" "thatcher resigns" "thatcher interview" "maggie thatcher documentary" "maggie thatcher no no no" "maggie thatcher song" "margaret thatcher documentary" "downing street" ira