Jane Withers Film Scenes Paddy O'Day This is The Life Shirley Temple

Posted: Feb 14, 2012

Jane Withers was working by the time she was three years old, but her big break came in 1934 when Fox Studios cast her opposite Shirley Temple in Bright Eyes. The following year, the NY Times dubbed her "Public Problem Child #1"! Jane recalled that at every audition, she was the odd one, with her plain outfits and straight bobbed hair. However, when Fox was looking for an "opposite" for Shirley Temple, she heard about it and said "Mama, get me to that studio!" Jane Withers was such a success in the film that Fox immediately signed her to a contract and featured in her in own films and she quickly became #6 box office in the nation. Jane helped write her own dialogue and cast her own films. She was generous and benevolent as a child and continues to be today; an example of a true woman of faith. Her films are very different from Shirley's! In these clips from Bright Eyes, Paddy O'Day, Ginger and This Is The Life, Jane demonstrates her amazing versatility as a imitator (Zasu Pitts and Garbo!) comedian, dramatic actress, singer and dancer. WOW! After acquiring some of her films, Jane has a new fan in my nine year old and we wanted to share some of her best moments. Jane, we love you (and we want your films on official DVD releases!!!)