'Gaddafi's Billions' Confiscation a Scam - 'Where's Libya's Gold?'

Posted: Nov 8, 2011

Muammar AL Gaddafi - honest, the hero of his people,dignified and courageous man! Respect Colonel! In the time Gaddafi came to power, the oil companies were under American control and were exploiting(PC for stealing) more than 2 million barrels per day. Gaddafi nationalized Libya's oil industry and limited the foreign exploitation. Lybia now produces 1.6 million barrels of the finest quality oil per day, which is worth around 6 billion$ per month.Thanks to this high revenue from oil, Libya is one of the richest countries in Africa and has 11,000$ GDP per capita, with population of 6.4 million. The unemployment rate is around 20%, but each unemployed person receives 500$ per month as a help from the state. A young couple can take a loan from any bank up to 200,000$, free of any morgage or interest. (Islamic law forbids taxation, which is why jews hate it. It happeThe consumption of alcohol and drugs is strictly forbidden by the law. The food is very cheap, petrol costs around 15 cents per liter, electricity is virtually free. The education is free in Libya and scholarships are provided for those that want to study abroad. The health care is free, and it is the best in Africa with many foreign medical staff working there. Before the recent chaos erupted, Libya had a lower incarceration rate than the Czech republic. It ranked 61st. Libya had the lowest infant mortality rate of all of Africa. Libya had the highest life expectancy of all of Africa. Less than 5% of the population was undernourished. In response to the rising food prices around the world, the government of Libya abolished ALL taxes on food. People in Libya were rich. Libya had the highest gross domestic product (GDP) at purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita of all of Africa. The government took care to ensure that everyone in the country shared in the wealth. Libya had the highest Human Development Index of any country on the continent. The wealth was distributed equally. In Libya, a lower percentage of people lived beany 9-1low the poverty line than in the Netherlands. How does Libya get so rich? The answer is oil, wise investment in precious metals, and avoidance of debt. Any country in the world can achieve this even if they don't have oil. Now i'ts 2011. 11 is their favorite number and they love to multiply it, as they believe it gives more occult power to the ritual being acted out. Pay attention to 11's. Dates, times, amount of victims, terrorists, flight #'s etc. They love to use their symbols and numbers to strengthen the ritual and leave their signature of course. The first few hours of reporting are crucial to record as many get disappeared quick. Even better is live feed eyewitness testimony , NOT replay. LIVE! Beware of fake eyewitnesses as happened on the 77 London bombings, Bali, & 9-11. tIsn't it strange how the media claims to know nothing other tn thehhave the sotry completely explained 5 minutes after and they seem rehearsed. (9=11 had actors who'd bee om amu tv commercial actors by 9-11 eyewitness parts. Look it up) Technology has been supressed for decades because or the greed of a few 1000. Those few 1000 will recruit many more of this new 9-11 generation who are just now becoming college students enduring traumatic event like that at the age of 8-10 yrs old? That's a huge deal here that is being ignored and exploited. The country has a lot of oil, and does not allow foreign corporations to steal the resources while the population starves, unlike countries like Nigeria, a country that is basically run by Shell. This video abides by the "Fair Use" provisions of Title17 Chapter 1 Article 107 of the US Copyright Law. Notably it is a non-profit video intended for educational purposes only. The conclusions drawn in this video do not necessarily represent the opinions or beliefs of the indivisuals within.