Katy Perry - "ET" ft Kanye West (Music Video Parody) With Lyrics

Posted: Apr 12, 2011

E.T - Katy Perry ft Kanye West (Official Music Video Parody) With Lyrics ET KATY PERRY "ET" LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK :) https://www.Facebook.com/ForSkitsAndGiggles Follow me on Twitter!! ‪ --SONG PARODY LYRICS-- the door, was open so i went inside it then i took my shoes off this house, is amazing look at all these snackpacks put one in my backpack it smells, just like glade maybe its a plug-in or just a candle no wait, its just spray im getting off topic o crap, someones on the couch so i started screaming he opened his eyes then he grabbed my shirt, and proceeded to kick me, ki ki kick me than he hit me with heels where the hell'd he get heels pinch me p p pinched me so i tried to hit him but he kept on ducking boy im in trouble he wont stop beating me but, then he stood up and kicked me in the testicles I ran, got away 
 Man that was a nightmare Glad that I got outta there Im not going back wow im really sweaty that guy looked like a yeti I bumped into someone
 Tried to say my bad
 he put on boxing gloves Then decided to

punch me, p-p-punch me
 He had fists of furry
 vision's going blurry

kneed me, kn-kn-kneed me
 Then he grabbed my backpack
 Took out all my snackpacks

I tried to fight him back
 But he just pushed me down He stood on top of me
 and kicked me in the testicles *If you're still reading this, let me know by commenting this video saying "Katy Perry loves llamas" 
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