Tiki Barber on Giants Running Back Needs - NFL Draft 365 Extra

Posted: Feb 17, 2012

When it comes to running backs and the New York Giants, it's safe to say Tiki Barber has an opinion or two. The all-time Giants rushing leader sits down with "NFL Draft 365" host, Alexi Panos, to let us know what the Super Bowl champions outlook in 2012 is on the running back front. For starters, Ahmad Bradshaw had a persistent foot injury in 2011. We last saw him scoring a reluctant TD in the waning moments of Super Bowl XLVI. He seemed relatively healthy, but Giant fans and Tiki both are a little concerned about his foot. Brandon Jacobs recently raised some eyebrows in New York by saying he had no plans of retiring if the Giants didn't retain him. He went on to tell the Giants faithful that he would not rule out signing with the rival New York Jets. A few days later, Jacobs appeared at a TMA Impact Wrestling event, only to have Bully Ray spit beer in his face ringside. Now you know the back-story, check out what Tiki thinks of the G-Men backfield situation.