USSB - A Whole New World

Posted: Jan 14, 2009

1994 video produced for the launch of the USSB direct broadcast satellite service. USSB was founded in 1981 by Hubbard Broadcasting founder Stanley S. Hubbard, who is widely considered to be the father of modern satellite broadcasting. Hubbard spent most of the 1980's raising awareness and money to launch a digital satellite television service. In the 1990's, he had teamed up with RCA/Thomson Consumer Electronics and Hughes Electronics Corporation to come up with a practical digital satellite service capable of 175 channels. The original name of the service was HUBTV, named after Hubbard, but was soon changed to USSB before launch. When the service launched, USSB offered a comparatively small slate of channels, but included almost all of the major American premium channels. while Hughes offered programming under the banner of DirecTV. DirecTV later acquired USSB. From Wikipedia.