Il merlo maschio. Homage to Laura Antonelli.avi

Posted: Aug 24, 2011

This story takes place in our time. We are on the periphery of Ladispoli. It's only 8 a.m., when she leaves home to go to Mass,. She's an aging woman who walks with small steps and very simply dressed with rubber shoes and a cotton robe and she wears a crucifix around her neck and hair collected. Nothing remains of her beauty nor of that body once so beautiful, who came to dazzle Luchino Visconti, which called her "la donna più bella del mondo" (the most beatiful woman in tte world). Nowadays she has lost much of the 104 kilos which came despite, at times which she suffered from depression, psychotropic drugs, alcohol and loneliness. Her house now has nothing to do with her two mansions of the past glory in France and in Rome. It is just a small living room, kitchen, bathroom and a small single bedroom, which is what allows you to receive a pension of 500 Euros per month. On the table there is a phone that rarely she picks up and when she does it is only to repeat a single phrase: "Laura Antonelli non esiste più". Sitting in a chair, her eyes still blue, veiled with a tinge of sadness, they seem look with complete indifference. After an hour and a half of being with her and having accompanied to the Church, the journalist of IL CORRIERE DE LA SERA can only get this brief confession of her: "I do not want to talk. I do not remember anything. I use the pain like a sponge and so I miss all those that make me suffer in my life. Laura Antonelli no longer exists. " But many years before in IL MERLO MASCHIO (1971), Laura Antonelli played the role of Costanza, the wife of Niccolò Vivaldi, a cello player of the Arena di Verona Orchestra. He is frustrated, because he's not the first and neither the second cello. Nobody can remember his face, nor his name. But Costanza is really beautiful and he decides to take some pictures of her naked. Soon, he will discover thay his low self-esteem derives vicarious pleasure by luring other men with glimpses of her beautiful wife's body. But, even in U.S.A., Laura Antonelli and her face of a ravished angel, keep the shape of a cinema legend 'ARIANA: Quentin Tarantino speaks very passionately, shall we say, about discovering Laura Antonelli through Z Channel. XAN: There's a certain type of guy from my generation, iincluding all of my old boyfriends and Tarantino that, at the mention of Laura Antonelli they're just... ARIANA: Puddles on the floor. XAN: Exactly! There's something about her. I don't know whether it was that she seemed so into having sex or that she was so womanly!. (Ariana Speyer interviews Xan Cassavetes) This is my sincere homage to L.A., because for all the good cinephiles Laura Antonelli will exist forever. Pancho Vertigen